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Join the beverage club.

Well folks, this project has been in the works for awhile and now that it's finally here I'm SO excited to share with you: the official Coffee Passport! (vol. I) As an avid lover of coffee, (specifically local coffee shops) I wanted to create a way to celebrate coffee culture and support the community - business owners and consumers alike. And so, the Coffee Passport brand was born. 


First off let's talk about the product. When you purchase a Coffee Passport you receive access to an exclusive 10% discount to all participating locations listed on the passport itself. This is a downloadable PDF that you can show to your barista each time you visit either digitally or you can choose to print it off. Not only does this save you some $$ (especially for you daily coffee drinkers) but you also have an opportunity to receive a $25 gift card from the shop of your choice when you visit all six locations! In order for me to track your passport simply share your experience on social media, tag @coffeepassportofficial and use the hashtag #thecoffeepassport! (There is a mandatory email capture at checkout, so you can receive an email once you've completed the passport)


I have handpicked the shops featured from different cities across the midwest that I am particularly fond of. I chose to work with these shops because they each have something unique to offer, making the ritual that is coffee that much more special. While you can choose to purchase the actual product, the Coffee Passport is first and foremost a brand celebrating coffee culture in an artistic way. With the official launch of the Coffee Passport brand you can expect weekly blog posts, special promotions, events & more products in the near future, and of course daily content on instagram @coffeepassportofficial. xo