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Let’s talk about the roller coaster that was September.

To start off, a lot of personal issues weighed down on me. Combine that with a workload the size of the Empire Freaking State Building, AND a creative rut.. I think you can guess what happens next.

Yup, ya girl burned OUT. Literally. My body decided a throat swelling sickness would get me to slow down and take a breath. After all mama knows best, and mother nature gave me one heck of a wake up call.

I spent the past two weeks, healing mentally and physically. And, I gotta tell ya the most important part of my healing process was balance. I couldn’t just lay in bed and do nothing. I kept working, but I just learned to rest - something I had neglected for a little while.

So this one’s mainly for my fellow creatives. Especially ones my age and struggling with the weird life transition that is the late teens/early twenties. BALANCE IS KEY. If you’re not taking care of yourself, there’s no way you’re going to be able to take care of your business. I learned the hard way, but hey, I learned. And I’m still learning. That’s the price we pay for passion. I’m all for the hustle, but it’s okay to realize that passion doesn’t have to be all-consuming ALL of the time, no matter how bad we want it to be. Listen to your body, take some time to recover mentally each evening, find happiness in the simple pleasures and take life day by day.

On a lighter note, September hasn’t been ALL bad, and the next couple weeks are looking like gold already.

First of all, HELLO you’re reading this on Sincerely Zahra 2.0! Transitioning from summer to fall seemed like the perfect time for a change. It’s crazy to think that I launched this blog only 6 months ago. I feel like I’ve grown so much in that time both creatively and personally and I wanted to share that growth through my work.  

Now, with the relaunch you can expect a lot more happening here. Especially with the new partnerships I’ve formed this month that I’m very excited to share with you guys. Head over to the Z LIST to read more about what's to come.


“The entire month of September is Halloween Eve”

CAN I GET AN AMEN to that. October, my favorite month of the year is just around the corner so while I’ve been enjoying September, I’ve also been spending lots of time in preparation for some super fun projects coming in October. Did I mention how excited I am?? I've also been drowning myself in Pumpkin Spice Lattes and all feels right with the world again.

Another little announcement/shameless plug: I am BACK on snapchat after being inactive for over a year. There’s a lot more to life than seemingly perfect images, and amidst my sickness I decided it’s important to share everything, the hard times included because hey that’s life. Also with the upcoming projects, it’ll be much more fun to take you guys behind the scenes with me on a more organic level. Add me on the snap to tune in on all the fun! @ sincerelyzahraa

I think that just about catches us up to speed. September: The month of transitions. Change is good, I’ve always been a fan. Change inspires growth. Change inspires an upgrade. There’s one week left -- I’d love to know what steps YOU will take to upgrade your life before the leaves start hitting the ground. Let me know here, or reach out on Instagram! x o

Sincerely, Zahra