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I get a lot of questions on Instagram about my hair. It’s no secret I have been using Luxy Hair Extensions for quite some time, when I’m feeling the need to add a bit of volume or length to my look. About a year ago, I discovered how to blend my extensions with my natural 2C curly hair texture— one of my best kept little secrets until now. Because I’ve been less likely to pick up a flat iron lately, I figured it was due time to share how I achieve this little hack. Let’s begin.

1. Wash and Dry

First I wash and dry my hair, which is pretty self explanatory. I used Love Hair Shampoo and Conditioner which I love because it’s paraben and cruelty free which is a MUST for my beauty products. After showering I just let my hair air dry while I walked through the rest of the process.

2. Curling Your Extensions

First off I clipped my extensions onto pant hangers — this is the easiest way to go about curling them. (I wear the 220g classic set in the shade chocolate brown) After that you’ll need a 1 inch curling wand that descends to a 1/4 inch. Then you take small sections and begin curling. (The curlier your hair is the smaller sections you wanna take to produce a tighter curl texture) The most important step is to make sure to hold the curls in your hand and let it cool before you let it fall. This ensures that the curl will remain intact. You can add hairspray at this point as well for extra security. Do this until your entire set is curled to perfection. :)

3. Blend, Baby Blend

Once the entire set is curled you can begin to clip them in! For naturally curly hair I recommend clipping each of the wefts in upside down to maintain your natural volume and blend them better. Then you can pull the strands apart to match your curl pattern that day. You can even tug on a few smaller strands to make them straighter than others if that blends better. This is all up to personal preference.


It’s as simple as that! The first time you do this, it can be a bit time consuming, but its definitely worth it if you have curly hair, to be able to enhance your curls so effortlessly when you’re getting ready day-to-day. If you’re not a curly girl, this technique can even be used on your own hair, to achieve a wild, curly, bouncy look when you wanna switch things up a bit.

If you’re still not sure how to go about it, or have a few questions I have a full video tutorial demonstrating my transformation and how I do this.

Lastly, if you wanna score a discount on your first set of Luxy Hair just use the code “ZAHRA” at checkout! ‘Til next time. xo