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I️ spent this past May in Europe; my first time travelling outside the United States. This trip consisted of a little working, a lot of exploring, and overall just enjoying life. I️ documented my trip on Instagram through photos and videos but many of you still had questions so I’m here to break it down. Bear with me as this will be a long post but will have everything you need to know about my month in Europe, so you can start planning your own adventure. 

I T A L Y.jpg

Italy was unlike anything I’ve experienced in my life. We covered almost the entire country by car in 7 Days: Rome, Positano & the Amalfi Coast, Venice, Tuscany, and Milan, where I️ stayed for an extended period of time between flights. Venice was my favorite by far, as it fulfilled every expectation that comes to mind when you think of Italy. Being up in the mountains of Amalfi was a close second. And Milan... Milan holds a special place in my heart. Before I️ get too nostalgic, let’s jump into the good stuff: 



-While in Milan I found a family to stay with using Couchsurfing. If you're careful about it, it's a really great experience to learn more about the culture of the place you're visiting, while making memories. The girl's name was Margherita if you're ever in Milan I highly recommend staying with her she loves making friends from all over the world! 

-We also booked hostels in Milan, and Rome. My favorite of them was New Generation Hostel in Milan. They have a couple different locations right in the city center and very affordable!

-In Tuscany we were in a little village called Palaia. The house we stayed in through air bnb was so cozy, and had incredible views! When in the Amalfi Coast we stayed in Montepertuso, a neighboring village of Positano. I honestly couldn't say enough amazing things about this experience! The hosts were so hospitable (they even brought us food from the garden), and the house itself was beautiful and spacious with the most incredible views! 


-Gondola in Venice
-Duomo in Milan
-the Galleria
-Roman colloseum (the most amazing restaurant right across the street with a buffet! Unfortunately I forgot the name)
-Trevi Fountain
-Hiking the mountains in Amalfi Coast
-Beach and Village of Positano
-Poppy fields in Tuscany
-Leaning Tower of Pisa
-McDonalds (I know, why would someone eat McDonald's in Italy. First off, we were road tripping across the entire country so fast food was essential on a couple of occasions. But, also I wanted to experience it to compare and guys...it's incredible. I had the fish and it's some of the freshest fish I have EVER tasted. The menu is also different depending what country you're in. In Italy specifically they have a full espresso bar and yes.. it's real espresso) 


-White lace robe from Aporei
-Polka dot bikini from Swimsuits for All
-Two piece outfit from Bhavy J Designs (use code BHAVYJ25 for 25% off!)
-Luxy Hair Extensions 220g set in chocolate brown (discount code "ZAHRA")



I️ parted ways with Josie and her dad in Milan and continued my voyage to Barcelona, solo. I️ only had a little less than 48 hours in this beautiful city so I was barely able to scratch the surface but I'm already dreaming about going back and giving Barcelona the time and attention it deserves. 

I T A L Y (1).jpg


Again, I used Hostel World to stay in a budget friendly location. The bus ride into the city center gave me the opportunity to see alot of the city in a short period of time, but if you want the best experience I definitely recommend spending a little extra to book something closer to the heart of everything. I definitely plan to next time. 



-LOTS of walking and wandering around
-dinner and wine at a newer little Tapas bar "la bodegueta del guinardo" (the owner was amazing and such yummy food! Not to mention the rustic vibes were a perfect impression my first night in Barcelona.
-Barceloneta beach
-Mr Robinson for coffee one day was so good I had to come back for brunch the next morning! highly recommend.
-the Gothic Quarter is a must see! 


I T A L Y (2).jpg

...took my breath away. And it was even more magical than i expected. Ready to hop on a flight back to this pretty little city the next chance I get!  


-Hotel Residence Foch had the most Parisian view I could have asked for (without having an Eiffel Tower view), and super cute interior! They also have 24 hour reception which isn't the case with alot of places and is what ultimately saved me from having to sleep at McDonalds (it's a long story lol), so if you're getting in later this is a good thing to note! 
-Trendy Hostel: farther from the city center than I would prefer BUT super affordable and accomodating and only a block away from the metro station and the BEST cafe I went to during my time in Paris. 


-Something to note about Paris: there are cafes EVERYWHERE (at least 3 on every block). In other words I was in heaven.
-One cafe in particular to mention is Le Tourville, only a few blocks from eiffel tower with a Gatsby-esque interior and an extensive menu. 
-Visited the Eiffel Tower multiple times, but the first time in the park I picked up a nutella waffle from a street truck on my way. (So tumblr.)
-Arc de Triopmhe after walking the Champs Elysees
-Since I tried McDonalds in Italy and was very pleased I had to test it out in Paris.. they had Macrons. 
-Probably the most memorable experience of my life was visiting Notre Dame.
-Photo ops at the Louvre and l'Opera
-rode the metro (a lot)
-My only regrets from Paris was not going inside the Louvre or any other art museums, and not visiting the Catacombs. Definitely making these things happen next time! 


-found the cutest berets at a street shop 3 for 10 euro! I got one in black (pictured), tan, and dusty pink
-LBD from American Apparel
-Skirt once again from Bhavy J Designs
(don't forget that discount code!)


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